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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank you to UNT on the Square

Thank you to UNT on the Square for hosting Dialogic: P.R.I.N.T Press and its collaborators from October 4 – 31, 2013. The exhibition suggested the give-and-take creative process of a collaboration between master printer and artist.

This exhibition brought together the work of renowned artists, master printers and educators who sustain and expand the art of collaborative printmaking at the Print Research Institute of North Texas. Select impressions from P.R.I.N.T Press were shown alongside works produced independently by printmakers and educators affiliated with the fine arts press of the University of North Texas. Together, these works demonstrate the creative dialogue, innovative research and expanding connections that P.R.I.N.T Press supports through its various programs.

Recent publications by artists such as Jeff Elrod, Scott Ingram, Jiha Moon, Michelle Samour and Albert Paley were highlighted in this show, as well as collection favorites by Terry Allen, Enrique Chagoya, James Surls and others. Many of these visiting artists are known for their work in mediums such as drawing, painting and sculpture, and collaborations at the press serve to translate their vision into another medium. Such prints were completed by visiting artists working with master printers assisted by faculty and students of UNT's College of Visual Arts and Design.

Works by master printers who facilitate these projects were also featured in Dialogic. Master printers bring knowledge, technical expertise and creative strategies to realize each project fully from initial concept to final product. In addition to their collaborative efforts, many master printers pursue their own goals by sustaining independent studio practices. The prints and drawings made by master printers suggest a dialogue and reciprocity with those of the artists whose work they produce. Master Printers who have worked at P.R.I.N.T Press and who will participate in the exhibition include Erika Adams (Montreal, Canada), Stan Baden (Los Angeles, California), Ryan Burkhart (Austin, Texas), Catherine Chauvin (Denver, Colorado), David Jones (Chicago, Illinois) and Jon Lee (San Antonio, Texas).

Due to its shared studio environment, printmaking enables connections that extend beyond the relationship between artists and master printers. At P.R.I.N.T Press, these take the form of cultural events and educational opportunities for students and members of the public who participate in hands-on production of artwork with renowned printmakers. In conjunction with this exhibition, printmaker Ashley Nason of Northern Illinois University exhibited her work in Dialogic and gave a workshop in screen print at P.R.I.N.T Press. Ashley's visit to UNT is made possible in part through Core Drawing and UNT Printmaking.

This exhibition was made possible by UNT on the Square and Institute for the Advancement of the Arts.