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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Shop Improvements

UNT Machinist Tracy Lynch at P.R.I.N.T
Thank you to CVAD's Dean and Department of Studio for enabling P.R.I.N.T to repair shop equipment this summer!

UNT Machinist and Tool Maker Tracy Lynch made new stop bars for our American French Tool Press. Stop bars prevent heavy steel beds from sliding out of presses. We are so grateful for Tracy's work as it will make our press safer to operate for many years to come.

Tracy also helped us make alignments to one of our antique iron hand presses. We're so fortunate to have talented and helpful Machinists Tracy Lynch and Kurt Weihe at UNT!

Lastly, we worked with Rotadyne to recast and refurbish four rollers. To all the printmakers out there: bring on the transparent flats and split fountains, we're ready!

Refurbished rollers
For more pictures of our shop improvements, check out this Facebook link.